Donate Incomplete Patterns/Pieces



Here at The VSPC Vintage Sewing Pattern Catalog we take in the pattern strays of the sewing community .

Everything is accepted here:

  • Lonely mail order envelopes
  • Printed pieces
  • Unprinted pieces
  • Pattern envelopes regardless of condition
  • Instruction sheets
  • Newspaper clipping found in patterns as your counting them complete.

Here they will stay till it needs a home.

If you are a pattern seller with a website who donates to the VSPC as we go through your donations and digitize them they are put on our Facebook page with a link giving your store acknowledgement as credit for the donation. Please include your business card or a flyer of some sort and indicate somewhere what you send it is a “Donation” . Otherwise we think we bought it from you and we will be asking you for an invoice of what we paid you.

We do reimburse shipping costs.

Send your donations to:


P.O. Box 914

Elmendorf, Tx 78112

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