Registered Sewing Pattern Nerds

To participate in the circulating lending patterns of this site you must register with us first. We have a FaceBook group Pattern Nerd Tracing/Trading Group . In this group Pattern Nerds can trade amongst each other with tracings and copies of their personally owned patterns. You can submit a pattern to us from your own collection if you would like it to be shared and circulated throughout the group without receiving one in trade. (Some people just like to share) A page will be made for it on this site to be requested for it to be checked out like a library book or in the “Chain Letter Patterns” .

“Chain Letter Patterns” are patterns voted on to be circulated through the mail from member to member to copy or trace for themselves and sign the accompanied card with their name and Badge number notes or thoughts about the pattern, then mailed to the next member until it comes back to the archive.

At the current moment we are only accepting 20 members right now since this is a new feature and we are still testing this out. When we are accepting new members it will be advertised. You can register below and I will respond to you with your assigned number. When we reach the current max it will say NO VACANCY when we are accepting new members it will say VACANCY.