What Is on this Site..

Many things go on with this site as it is part of a growing vintage sewing pattern network. This site is free of ads,  aside from our sponsors  MrsDepew.com and www.vintage4me2.com who donate scans and pattern data , and by my own personal pattern collection .

The main purpose of this site is to find your missing pieces and post your pieces needed. Throughout the site the patterns are scanned with what pieces are available if you need them. Some have originals available, some only copies or tracings , and instructions will be  available to purchase in PDF form (coming soon). There are pattern scans uploaded here where only PDF instructions are available because scans and data are donated digitally and not a physical part of the archive here.

Second purpose is to give all Pattern Nerds a place to donate all your incomplete patterns. A safe haven for them to stay till they are needed or to just stay here. Everything donated here is scanned and uploaded to be viewed for pattern history, sewing inspiration , and incase you have the same pattern and its incomplete maybe we can help you.  How to donate incomplete patterns.

We do not sell any complete patterns here. This site is to only purchase what is needed to complete your beloved pattern if it is available here

Why do we charge? The website, photo software, scanners, supplies , catalogs to help with dating and providing info for this site is all self funded.

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